Youth Education Application for Funding

Promoting youth awareness and education in mathematics and financial matters is an important aspect of The Actuarial Foundation of Canada’s work.

As part of this mission, the AFC offers grant funding opportunities to organizations that share the same goal of advancing youth education in financial literacy through the delivery of innovative programming, mentorship, and learning tools and resources.

Follow the steps below to learn how your organization can qualify for funding and begin the important work of empowering Canada’s youth through financial literacy.

  1. Ensure your program or idea meets our goals and objectives as laid out in our Mission and Vision statement.
  2. If you believe it qualifies, please provide us with the following information:
    • A detailed description of your organization’s activities, funding requirements, other contributors, and whether the AFC contribution would make a significant difference to the success of the proposed program.
    • Indicate how you would use the funds (compensation, administration costs, etc.), how they are acknowledged, and how the program ties in with the AFC’s mission to promote youth education.
    • Please send your information to
  3. Once we receive your information, we will determine if your program is eligible for consideration. If so, we will ask you to submit a full proposal for review at the annual Youth Education Committee meeting in April. The deadline for proposals is March 31 of each year. Once the committee completes the review in April, it may contact your organization to:
    • Notify you that your program has met our criteria;
    • Request additional information; or
    • Inform you that your application has been rejected, and how your program did not meet our criteria.
  4. The committee will consider all proposals that successfully meet our criteria for funding in the current year and present them to the Actuarial Foundation of Canada board for approval at its June meeting.
  5. Should your proposal be accepted for funding, we will contact you in July to develop a contract outlining the roles and responsibilities of each organization.