New Initiatives

Investor Education Fund

The IEF is a non-profit organization set up by the Ontario Securities Commission. Its goal is to help consumers make better financial decisions. In 2014 the AFC partnered with the IEF to record a series of informational videos on retirement and health care issues, three of which were posted on the Globe and Mail’s website in June 2014. On viewing these videos Canadians will become more aware of a number of health care issues which can have a significant impact on their financial planning and their financial security in retirement. These videos can be viewed by accessing the Globe and Mail’s website at

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

The FCAC is an independent organization established by the federal government, with a vision of empowering Canadian financial consumers. It’s website includes a number of useful financial literacy resources for consumers, including a series on various life events and the financial implications of those events. In 2013 and 2014, the AFC contributed volunteer expertise to the FCAC’s projects to update and improve parts of the FCAC website. To view this module and to access other financial tools, visit the FCAC website at