NamePositionContact Information
Vy LeSecretary
Frank WigintonDirector
Michel Giguè
Daniel PilonCIA


Structure of the Actuarial Foundation of Canada

The AFC accomplishes its goals through the activities of the Board of Directors, the CIA Head Office, and Committees of the Board.

Executive Committee

Paul Reaburn (Chair), Alan Cooke (Vice-Chair), Scott McGaire (Treasurer), Vy Le (Secretary)

Nominating Committee

Paul Reaburn (Chair)

The Nominating Committee is responsible for the recruitment of directors with a high level of Board-based leadership skills

Fundraising Committee

Craig Fowler (Chair), Brent Chambers, Michel Giguère, Paul Reaburn (Observer)

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for the identification and cultivation of prospects for individual, annual, and major gifts. The committee develops and monitors fundraising programs and stewardship programs.

Youth Education Committee

Alan Cooke (Chair), Paul Reaburn (Observer), Vy Le, Craig Fowler, Shari Rowan, Jean-Claude Primeau, Frank Wiginton

Financial Literacy Committee

Open (Chair), Al Edwards, Claudia Gagné, Nomi Goodman, Tom MacKinnon, James Whelan, Paul Reaburn (Observer)

Research Committee

Jim Snell (Chair), David Promislow, Bob Sharkey , Paul Reaburn (Observer), Doug Poapst

Finance & Audit Committee

Scott McGaire (Chair), Nomi Goodman, Christian-Marc Panneton, Paul Reaburn (Observer)

Communication Committee

Brent Chambers (Chair), Keith Lee, Paul Reaburn (Observer)

The Communications Committee is responsible for disseminating information about the mission and goals of the foundation to the actuarial profession and to the general public.