As an actuary, your unique expertise positions you to shape a brighter future for the next generation. Extend your impact beyond numbers and charts; by volunteering your technical skills and career experience, you can help shape the financial literacy and leadership skills of young minds. Discover the current opportunities available with the following organizations:

  • Leacock Foundation – Empower underserved youth with financial literacy and leadership programs. Help by hosting a math afternoon, providing academic support, participating in career fairs and contributing to community showcases.
  • Girl Guides of Canada – Help create engaging financial literacy activities for youth aged 5-18. Enhance our Money Sense Theme activities to shape the financial knowledge of future leaders
  • Junior Achievement Canada – Share your technical expertise to improve our immersive learning experiences for young people. Participate as a classroom-based program facilitator, be a career mentor at our exploration events or act as a company program advisor.
  • JA Central Ontario – Instruct program activities and inspire young minds for a thriving future through the Dollars with Sense initiative. Enlighten grade seven students of their future opportunities by sharing your real-world work experience.
  • Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences – Support educational initiatives for students from kindergarten to graduate levels. Contribute to our Math Mania, Parent Night, SNAP Math Fair and Changing the Culture events.
  • Toronto Foundation for Student Success – Assist in developing financial wellness activities for kids aged 8-14. Collaborate on an after school program promoting financial wellness as part of the 2024 Wellness Walk.

Review the opportunities above and contact the provided email address in each volunteer posting to express your interest.

Your dedication can be the catalyst for positive change. Join us in making a tangible difference in the lives of our youth and contribute to a brighter, more financially literate future!